William Hill’s Acquisition of Tom Waterhouse: Reason for Concern

William Hill, the UK’s largest bookmaker, recently acquired a successful Australian betting company, Tom Waterhouse, for a rather velvety sum: $ 34 million to be exact. What this means is that William Hill will now have access to Tom Waterhouse’s large list of clients, and this is worrying anti-game apologists.

The president of the Australian Churches Gambling Task Force, Tim Costello, fears that William Hill will use the large list of clients he has access to and that he will make personalized offers to players who, in his opinion, will result in loss of money for players and profit for the company.

But, according to Horse Racing Australia editor Gary Robinson, note: this is how bookmakers make money by manipulating their client lists and making offers based on the past of online casino games of the players .

Robinson adds that this is not only bad news for novice players, but also for professional and semi-professional players. This is because when William Hill analyzes the data and looks for the winners, it will discourage them from placing bets. As is to be expected, this discouragement will not be demonstrated, they will naturally increase the chances of defeat and carry out other types of manipulation in the field of betting in order to discourage the usual winners.

The concerns for this acquisition are validated by the fact that in March of this year (2013), William Hill acquired the company Sporting Bet for the sum of 670 million dollars. Robinson fears that William Hill will not be satisfied with two acquisitions and that he will continue to buy Australian betting companies until he becomes an influential bookmaker in Australia.

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